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How to maintain a relationship after meeting

When the relationship is in the beginning and men hear "Where will our relationship go?" they freeze. The problem is that men don't like to be put "on the wall" to make a final decision on something they are still wondering where they are going to go real hookup sites. Most of them cannot deal with their own feelings and manage them. So instead of putting pressure on him, focus on his actions towards you.

Realize how committed he is to you, how he treats you. From the little things like taking your calls promptly, being polite to your friends, worrying about hearing about your day. Little interested men don't invest their time and energy in something they don't want to take forward.

Now, if he only calls in the dead of night, appears and disappears in the interval for a casual encounter, he is always busy with excuses that "even seem true", if you still don't understand I explain: He is defining that your relationship does not go beyond the limits of the living room and bedroom. Over time who will make this definition, if he does not get ahead, it will be you. No charges because they are one of the great villains of conflicts between men and women.

Practice: After a certain period of relationship, if there is still no definition of what you are to each other, talk correctly. Without charging speak clearly what you are feeling, speak with your heart.

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